Get to Know Horses

In this special program, we focus on acquainting you with horses using ground work and exercises on foot in a small corral, or "round pen." Come and learn how to approach a horse, lead, groom, saddle and so much more. The goal is to make you comfortable with horses on the ground. Then, if you wish to learn to ride or drive a horse, you will have confidence built on knowledge. You will be ahead of the game when you start, and you will be able to fufill your "horse dream" wherever it may take you in the future. Some clients prefer a one-on-one setting to become confident more easily, or you can ask a friend to join you and you'll both get a discounted rate. Contact us at 480-515-4495 or for more information and ask for Linda. Please read below for the experience described by one of our first participants in this program, Cindi Eveleigh.

With the exception of recent, 45 minute trail ride, I came into the "Get To Know Horses" program without having any contact or experience with horses. I was anxious and a bit intimidated at the prospect of pursuing my equine interests. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has any hesitation or anxiety around getting involved with horses on some level. The program walked me through the basics of grooming, handling and working with a horse on the ground - I can say from experience this is a much better way to go than to venture on a trail ride for your first interaction with a horse! Linda provided a wonderful, intelligent horse for me to work with throughout the program and was there to guide me through whatever awkwardness and anxiety I might be feeling during the process. The program will allow you to do the work, overcome your individual challenges, and will provide you with the confidence to pursue your equine interests upon completion. I walked away feeling successful and comfortable with the prospect of working with a horse up close, something I was fearful of when I started. Don't hold yourself back, give Linda a call - you will be happy you did!