Horse Training

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Just a few of the benefits of proper training for your horse. Linda Leslie at Twin L Performance horses has the knowledge and experience to make your horse fun to ride, win events or impress that new buyer.

Had a young horse with a sensitive personality. He was sweet and had potential but very shy. In the wrong hands this horse would have become a permanent mess. After being in Linda's care and training he became a very nice gentle riding horse. She was also helpful in getting him sold to a perfect home. I feel she would be honest in her assessment of a horse to rider match. Therefore, I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing a horse from her or through her. I would also be willing to send any horse I needed trained to her. -- Veronica Quinn
Our scope includes English and Country Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Hunter and Show Hack as well as Driving. Your horse will be trained to excel in one of these disciplines where his talent is strongest. Allowing him to do what he is really good at will allow him to be successful in the show ring. Training for the rider is included in our program so that you and your horse become an effective team. Our show program is tailored to your dreams of success, whether those dreams are to perform at a local show, Class A Arabian Shows or beyond to Regionals and Nationals.

If marketing your horse is your goal, we can help you there. Videos and photos are an essential part of our sales program, along with advice on where and how to promote your horse for the market that he fits into.

Linda has always been very professional in all of our dealings with her as an owner and trainer. We have dealt with her in both training of Arabian horses as well as the sale and purchase of these horses. Linda is not only very knowledgeable about these matters, but is a person that can be relied upon to do what they say and deliver the goods. I would recommend her to anyone requiring the use of a professional trainer or someone to market their horse. – Art Sneeden
The owners of horses at Twin L are encouraged to be as involved as they wish in both the training of their horses and in marketing them to new owners. This makes our program one of the most cost effective in the industry, and it creates owners who become very knowledgeable about the horse industry.

Please give us a call about bringing your horse for evaluation and training, and ask about our spring specials on training and marketing packages.

Contact us at 480-515-4495 or for more information.